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About the Project May 14, 2008

Posted by Dmitri in Uncategorized.

Right now all work is being done on the Firefox project. A bit of background info about that: the SlashID login page (you can find it here) is created using Java code that was compiled into runnable page JavaScript using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Since the Firefox extension will be using the same login protocol, and since FF extensions are written in JavaScript (mostly, if you’re adventurous you can do it in C++), we decided it would be easiest to rip-out only the login-specific Java code, use GWT to compile it into JS, and then put that JS into the extension. This hasn’t worked as smoothly as it sounds (mainly because GWT compiles Java into webpage-specific JS, which is somewhat different from extension-specific JS), but with some hacking we got it to actually run through the login process, and log the user into SlashID itself.

Currently, I’m polishing up the Firefox extension so that it can actually be released to the public and be usable. The obstacle to overcome is to have a working redirection system so that when a user logs in successfully, they are automatically redirected to the member area.



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