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Some Questions Have Formed May 26, 2008

Posted by Dmitri in Uncategorized.

Continuing where I left off, I now have a good understanding of how servlets work, although that doesn’t exactly answer the question on how to do what is needed: namely, access a servlet on a different server than the one from where the request is being made from. Traditionally, a service request to some servlet on a server comes from a webpage served to the client by that same server, so there are no issues with using the deployed servers.

The answer seems to lie in the

<servlet path="url-path" class="classname"/>

tag. The url-path mentioned “should be absolute and have the form of a directory (for example, /spellcheck).” I’m not sure about this, but it seems like a good idea to try to somehow provide the URL of the folder where the servlet is deployed on the SlashID server, and see if that works. So the first question becomes, “What is the URL of th deployed servlet?”

However, trying to access the servlet container remotely raises other questions: “Does my application have to do the servlet initialization? If not, when was the servlet initialized? How will my application know?”

There is a ton of info out there about deploying and using servlets in the traditional way (i.e. from a page served by the same server the servlet is on), but nothing that details what I’m trying to do, putting doubts in my mind about the feasibility of this.

One other possible solution I’ve considered is perhaps somehow using the standard HTTPS POST method to communicate with the SlashID server. If it worked with getEncryptedMasterSecret(), perhaps it should be possible with this as well. Of course trying this solution comes with its own set of questions about how to actually do it, but I think I’ll only worry about that if I don’t find any satisfactory answers to the questions posed in this post.



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