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The Final Stretch June 17, 2008

Posted by Dmitri in Uncategorized.

In the last post, I was stuck in about almost every respect I could think of, and things were looking grim. Robert Frost’s advice to take the path less travelled by clearly didn’t apply to my project. So we went back to the fork in the road, and got back onto the highway everyone uses: HTTPS POST.

I was quickly on my way – instead of the server throwing me back an exception when I tried to login, it gave me back something else: a “incorrect username/password” message. I double-checked, and they were correct. Already cursing all things holy, I set out to find out why.

The reason was simple enough – the hashed values of the username weren’t being hashed properly because of some native code that I copied over from the SlashID site. That native code referred to server-side variables that my extension obviously didn’t have access to, which resulted in the improper hashing. After discussing things with Zeev (the head honcho of this all), he proposed to add another servlet that my code will call that will provide us with the server data that I needed. This servlet was implemented over this past weekend.

So, since Monday, I fixed the hashing problem, and put in the call to the new servlet, and integrated the results with my existing code. For some reason SOP kicked in again (I’ll make another post about this interesting occurrence later), and after compiling the Java into JavaScript and putting it into the extension, and running it, I finally got the log messages I was aiming for all this time:

SlashID: Should redirect to SlashID member page here

when logging in directly from the extension or the SlashID page, and

SlashID: Trying to redirect to http://www.cryptotrust.com/wp-content/plugins/slashid/login.php

when logging in from a WSP (cryptotrust in this case).


Now all I have left is to implement the redirection, which is something I’m going to read up on how to do.

After that, all that will be left will be some final polishing up of code to get it ready to be released.

Coding actually became rewarding again.



1. Wandeldlype - November 26, 2009

Great, I did not know about this topic until now. Thanx!

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